Brand Ambassador Pt.1: Meet Richard

Brand Ambassador Pt.1: Meet Richard


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We are pleased to introduce the new brand ambassador for Style Konsult, Richard. Over the next six months, our brand ambassador will undergo complete style and lifestyle transformations through our Image Consulting services. With the expertise of image stylist and consultant, Jen Auh, we will be helping Richard in achieving the goals. In other words, personal, professional, and style goals. Join us on this transformative journey and see how our services help improve the lives of our brand ambassador. So, keep reading to learn more about Richard.

Brand Ambassador: Richard

Brand ambassador Richard is an aspiring model looking to build a stylish image and create a new, attractive look. Before entering retirement, Richard wants to establish a complete modeling portfolio. With this, he can continue to work towards his goal of becoming a professional model. Through varied image consulting tips, we’ll work with Richard to provide comprehensive lifestyle solutions ranging from appearance to professional networking. We will be tracking his progress during these six months through his style and professional growth. We hope you will join Style Konsult and our brand ambassador on his image consulting journey. As a result, you will be able to see the changes that six months of coaching can make.