Boost your Confidence with Correct Posture

Boost your Confidence with Correct Posture


boost your confidence with correct posture
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We all know that slouching over your smartphone or laptop is not good for your back and overall health. But it has also been proven that poor posture correlates to decreased self-confidence. Here at Style Konsult, we want to help you improve your style, image, and overall success. That’s why we want to tell you all the benefits of correct posture and how it will boost your confidence.

Appear Taller and Thinner

Think of how many inches or centimeters of height you are losing by standing with hunched shoulders. Straightening out your spine will give you that extra height boost which can help you look and feel more attractive. Slouching also makes extra stomach weight look more pronounced, while standing with correct posture more evenly distributes your weight. If you’re trying to become slimmer or find ways to boost your height, standing up straight is one of the best and simplest ways to attain this.

Improved Concentration

It has been shown that posture actually has an impact on air and oxygen flow. While poor posture can tighten muscles and not allow air to completely fill the lungs, good posture can help extend your muscles and give your lungs plenty of oxygen. The improved oxygen flow within your body helps your brain’s neurons work more efficiently, improving overall brain function. This increased concentration can really help you get things done and boost your confidence in the long run.

More Self-Esteem

Not only does posture affect how others look at you, it also affects how you think about yourself. Science has proven that those who slouch are more likely to doubt their abilities and skills than those who maintain good posture. When you take on an appearance of confidence and self-assuredness, your thoughts soon follow. That’s why it’s incredibly important for your overall self-esteem that you portray a positive image through things like correct posture.