Airport Fashion: How to Dress for Travel

Airport Fashion: How to Dress for Travel


how to dress for airport travel
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Many of us are beginning to travel again, but may have forgotten how to dress for success at the airport. While the airport isn’t usually associated with high-fashion, it’s important to dress both stylishly and sensibly to make the seamless transition from airplane to business meeting. Style Konsult is here to teach you all about how to dress effectively for travel.

Comfortable Clothing

Nobody wants to endure a 14-hour flight stuck in a tight suit. When traveling, it’s important to find a balance between smart, professional clothing and comfortable wares. Substituting dress pants for an easy-to-wear pair of khakis or chinos can make all the difference when it comes to surviving a long flight. Opting for soft materials like cotton and linen will provide extra comfort as well.

Extra Layers

Airplanes are notorious for inconsistent temperatures—not to mention, your destination may be drastically hotter or colder than your departure location. That means it’s incredibly important to wear effective layers when traveling. A t-shirt should be worn as a base layer and then added onto with a sweater or pull-over, and finally a professional blazer or jacket. If your body runs extra cold or a pop of color is needed, a scarf is a wonderful accessory.

Slip-on Shoes

Don’t make the mistake of wearing oxfords or boots with time-consuming laces through airport security. Sticking to a slip-on shoe with no laces is the best option to make sure that you can breeze through security. Loafers are a smart shoe choice that will keep you looking put together and prepared while at the airport. High-quality socks are also a necessity, as you will need to remove your shoes for international travel security.

Style Konsult wants you to look and feel your best both in the airport and at your destination. Make use of our Suitcase Packing service to have our professionals pack the most efficient outfits possible, organize your grooming products effectively, and maximize your luggage space.