A man wearingsun glasses and a leather jacket

8 Men’s Fashion and Outfits Trends of 2022

With the New Year just beginning, everything indicates that a change in trends is knocking at our door. Style Konsult has selected 8 infallible trends within a fashion industry that currently has the 70s and the 2000s as its great sources of inspiration, while the

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A man with glowy hair

Hair Care Tips for 5 Types of Men’s Hair

Every man has a different type of hair that requires specific treatments and products to take care of it properly. The most important thing is to maintain the hair healthy and shiny. Regardless of your hair type, length or texture, it is possible for you

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A man does his skincare routine

Men’s Skincare Routine Essentials for 2022

The cosmetic industry has an enormous capacity for adaptation and moves at the same pace as the needs and concerns of society. Just as the canon of beauty evolves over time, so do the tools we use to achieve the best version of ourselves. For

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A man applying cream on his face

8 Men’s Grooming Tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the best moment of the year to take care of your skin and hair to look your best while welcoming the exciting year ahead. Treat yourself in order to end 2021 looking youthful and feeling great. Follow Style Konsult advice on

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