Best Plans to Celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022

A kettle and a cup of tea to celebrate the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in Southeast Asia and all around the world. It is a very special event that determines the beginning of a New Year, but also encourages people to set new goals and look forward to new dreams. This year, the zodiac animal is the tiger, which means that it will be filled with powerful energy and chances to start anew. Are you ready to find out what is awaiting you?

Style Konsult is offering some key ideas about the best plans to celebrate the Lunar New Year while having fun. It is always great to gather with your loved ones and enjoy a memorable celebration. We are giving you advice on where to hold the party and which fun activities all the family can do together. Follow our tips to make this Lunar New Year unforgettable.


The Lunar New Year is a very familiar holiday when everyone tends to travel to their family’s homes in other cities to celebrate together the beginning of another hopeful and promising year. Therefore, all the children, adults and older people of the family gather and spend such a lovely time together.

One of the most important elements in any end of the year celebration is the food. Regardless of your choice of delicacies, it is important to plan your dinner with the number of guests in mind so you make sure that there is enough food. Also, you can ask guests to bring a dish they love or to join you in the kitchen and cook together. That dynamic is very suitable for celebrating the Lunar New Year at home, as it reminds us of one of the most important attitudes of this season: sharing with our loved ones.

Another thing that needs to be planned in advance to celebrate the Year of the Tiger at home is decorating. You do not need to over-decorate and you probably already have a few traditional decorations up from the recent Lunar New Year, such as garlands and lights. The color red will bring luck to you and your loved ones for the coming year. Try to decorate your home at least one day before the Lunar New Year’s gathering. Remember that the day of the celebration will be a busy day, so having taken care of it beforehand will allow you to make all other preparations with greater ease.

This festivity cannot be celebrated outdoors because it takes place in the middle of winter and the weather is freezing cold. So, create an intimate and special atmosphere that makes all the family feel cozy and festive. Eat, drink and enjoy the vibrant and joyful vibes!


1. Raise a toast

An essential part of most Lunar New Year’s celebrations is raising a toast with all the guests. Although it is a tradition to do it with some type of sparkling alcoholic beverage, many people cannot drink them. To make these people feel more included in the toast, consider preparing some non-alcoholic drinks that are just as sparkling and delicious.

2. Play board games with all the family

Board games are an excellent activity for all the members of the family to have an amazing and fun time together. You can display the board games you have in a corner of your room and let the guests choose which one they would like to play. For example, in Korea it is a custom that all the family plays a stick game called Yunnori. If there are not board games at home or at the restaurant, you can play plenty of games that only require a pen and a pencil or some cards. Make your loved ones laugh from the start of the year!

3. Write wish cards

Writing wish cards will ensure that all the family members have a very pleasant time and that, in addition, take away a meaningful memory of the Lunar New Year. Get as many cards as there are guests and write each person’s name on the paper. Leave the cards somewhere accompanied by pencils and papers, and tell guests that they can write whatever they wish and leave it in a box. At the end of the dinner, everyone will be able to open their card, read the heartfelt words and share their deep hopes with their loved ones. The activity will make the family members bond and understand each other more.

4. Sing karaoke

Karaoke is an activity that always manages to entertain everyone and make people smile. Do not worry if singing is not among your skills! The most important thing is to have a good time while sharing it with family and friends. So, shyness must be left behind. If you do not have microphones and karaoke tracks, do not worry. On Youtube you will find practically any song you want to sing in the ‘a cappella’ karaoke version. Play the music and bright the mood up with cheerful and beautiful songs to celebrate life and love.

5. Set a theme

Obviously, the main reason for celebrating the Lunar New Year is to welcome the year that is to come. However, you can organize a themed party. For example, you can relate the theme to the zodiac animal, which this year is the tiger. Ask your guests to dress a certain way, prepare food and drinks associated with your theme and even plan activities that reflect your idea. There is no limit to imagination.

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