Best Men’s Hairstyles for Spring-Summer 2023

Men's hairstyle for spring-summer

Trying out a new haircut that suits you is a great way to look more attractive and upgrade your style. The short haircut is always popular among men, but the medium length and the chin length look are becoming more and more popular. You need to know your face shape to find out which men’s hairstyles look good on you. The right hairstyle improves your overall image and maximizes your charm. So, keep in mind that it must match your face type, age, style and job.

Each man has distinct features and lifestyles, so make sure to choose the haircut that suits you best. The current trends of men’s hairstyles in the world’s best hair salons and barbershops are: haircuts with short sides; textured hairstyles with movement; longer layered haircuts with natural flow; low and mid fades with volume, many different types of crop haircuts; and mature, elegant and sophisticated parted haircuts.


1. Natural style

This is the type of hair that sets the trend this season for men with wavy or curly hair. If your hair grows quickly in addition to being thick, it is appropriate to cut it short often and avoid the fringe. The short hair versions, like the ones worn by Jamie Dornan or Shawn Mendes, are some of the most popular. The key step is to leave the lower part of the hair a little shorter, but with volume, and allow the upper waves to gain length and freedom of movement. This creates a natural-looking hairstyle.

Step by step to get a natural-looking hairstyle:

  1. Moisten your hair with water.
  2. On the palm of your hands, apply styling wax.
  3. Spread it over your fingertips.
  4. Apply it carefully until the desired look is achieved.
  5. Trick: distribute the product with circular movements to generate small curls.

2. Polished wet look

It is a hairstyle inspired, for example, by the one of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, which looks fresh and elegant. We recommend men with straight hair to try it. This polished hairstyle succeeded among businessmen three decades ago and returns today. It gives men a smart and neat look. As well, it helps men maintain their hair on point.

Step by step to achieve a sophisticated wet look hairstyle:

  1. Moisten your hair with water.
  2. Apply hair gel generously on it and comb it back with a wide-toothed comb.
  3. If you want to avoid the fake quiff feeling or want to achieve a less geometric hairstyle, you can comb the top part with your fingers.
  4. Once the desired effect is achieved, spray some hairspray to prevent it from moving.
  5. Trick: Do not apply too much hair gel in order to not make your hair look greasy.

3. Side parted short

This cut is one of the most classic and, at the same time, it has been renewed so that the hair gains movement and density. Despite being short, the strands of hair are slightly layered, and have the necessary length so that you can part them to the side and achieve a more formal look.

Step by step to get a side parted short hairstyle:

  1. Moisten your hair with plenty of water.
  2. Apply hair gel in parts: first on the upper area and then on the back and sides.
  3. Trace the parting on the side you prefer and comb it.
  4. To keep it from moving, use a hair dryer so that the hair gel sets perfectly.
  5. After this, spray some hairspray to fix it completely.

4. Fringe up with a quiff effect

This is one of the most comfortable and flattering cuts of the season. For this hairstyle, all the hair should have a similar length, not too short or long. The fringe only goes up a couple of centimeters, so you can style it as you like, either upwards or to one side. You have to comb the entire front part of the hair upwards. For this, you will need to use the dryer in addition to a fixer.

Step by step to create a fringe up hairstyle:

  1. Wet your hair with plenty of water.
  2. Apply a strong fixing cream on it.
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb both the sides and back.
  4. Try to make these areas quite close to the head.
  5. For the top part, comb the comb and finish off the fringe with your fingers. This way you will get that quiff effect.

5. Volume and texture

The first step to achieve a hairstyle with volume is to find a specific shampoo that allows you to add some height and texture. Haircuts with a certain length at the top of the head will help to give density to the hair when styling it. This haircut is suitable for men with wavy, straight and fine hair.

Step by step to achieve a hairstyle with volume and texture:

  1. Moisten your hair with water.
  2. Apply a little styling gel or mousse on it to give texture.
  3. While combing it, the heat from your hands will make it dry.
  4. Take advantage of this effect to arrange the hair strands so your hair gains volume.

6. Side hairline for men with longer hair

Parting to one side, with the hair placed perfectly in place, very well defined lines and a wet effect due to the hair gel. It is a stylish and very refined hairstyle that looks awesome for both daily life or the most formal occasions. As happens in all cuts, in this we find different variants. However, what always stays the same is that the upper part of the hair is longer than the sides and the back of the neck. The hair will have its own natural movement.

Step by step to achieve a side hairline look:

  1. Moisten your hair with water.
  2. Use hair gel and a spiked comb to shape the parting of the hair for a “glued” hairline.
  3. Apply hair gel to style your hair in order to define the hairline much more.


1. Oval face

The oval face is the one that looks like an egg. It is a fairly well-proportioned type of face that has the particularities of having large cheeks and a chin that is narrower than the forehead. The good thing about this type of face is that most haircuts suit it perfectly. Avoid a large fringe or a haircut with a side parting, since your face will seem even more oval and, if possible, choose hairstyles in which the hair is combed upwards, to the side or back to show your forehead.

2. Round face

As its name indicates, it is the round or circle-shaped face. The haircut that best suits this face shape is the one that tries to conceal this roundness, such as medium hair or hairstyles that make the upper part of your face gain volume. Parting hairstyles may also favor men with this type of face, whether a fringe is not suitable.

3. Square face

Men with a square face type have a wide forehead and very marked jawline, which form the square on the face. Like the diamond face, men with this face have to seek to soften their features by wearing short or shaved hair or medium hair that gives volume to the top of the head. A haircut with volume in the center and shaved sides or a fringe are other awesome options.

4. Heart face

Also known as an inverted triangle, the heart face is characterized by a forehead that is wider than the cheekbones. If you have it, you should avoid having very short hair. Since you have to hide your chin, we recommend hairstyles that give more volume to the upper part of your face and ears.

5. Diamond face

People with diamond-shaped faces have a very sharp chin, fine cheekbones and a prominent forehead that is of a similar width as the chin. That is why half-lengths and haircuts with a quiff look good on them. The cut that will best suit those of you who have this type of face will be the one that can hide your angles a little, so try longer hairstyles.

6. Long face

Elongated faces have the chin is almost the same width as the forehead. For this reason, it is advisable to have quiffs or hairstyles that provide volume at the top, and avoid very short hair on the sides.

7. Rectangular face

Finally, the rectangular face is very similar to the elongated one, although with more angular finishes instead of rounded. It is quite common to confuse it with the square, since only small nuances differentiate them. The ideal cut is the one that conceals the width of the face with volume or a fringe.

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