Best Gifts for Thanksgiving 2021

A man opens a face mask to apply it on his face

The power a gift has to make people feel blissful and lucky is undeniable. When you give someone a present, you want to make the other person happy by sharing a meaningful thing or experience. When you receive it, you sense how fortunate you are to be surrounded by people who cherish you and take care of you. That is what happens for Thanksgiving, a Holiday destined to show love and appreciation to your family and friends.

At Style Konsult we really consider that a present is a precious and beautiful way of transmitting good feelings without words. Because of that, we are going to give you some tips on how to prepare the best gift to give to your loved ones for Thanksgiving 2021.


Preparing gifts is an art that we all can practice and improve with time. The main point of it is to think about the person who you want to give the present to and all his/her preferences. Every hobby, passion and interest matter. A gift must seem to be meant for that person and it has to contribute positively to the other’s life. Therefore, it is important to get to know the other person well before thinking about gift ideas.

Nowadays, there are millions of options among which you are able to choose from. You can find every kind of creation, service and experience ranging between one to thousands of dollars. However, a great gift is never about the money but the meaning and the purpose. You just must follow your intuition and get inspiration from the person to whom you are gifting.

We are all unique and singular, and that is why we all perceive everything differently. Maybe your mother would love a one-day trip to a natural landscape so she can take a walk in nature, your dad would like a dinner together, your sibling would fancy to receive fashionable clothes, your grandmother would only ask for a hug and your grandpa would be fine with a box of chocolates. You must seek the concrete elements that are going to take the other person to an instant paradise.

For all these reasons, we advise you to look deep inside the person’s heart and plan well what you are going to give them as a significant present. Also, pour your soul into the gift and make sure that all your love is reflected on the present. You should look for the warm-hearted detail and the lovely essence of it. Prioritize to share the affectionate and thoughtful emotion.


Since Style Konsult is an agency specialized in image consulting and personal branding, we want to encourage you to consider gifting one of our products and services to someone who needs to increase his/her confidence and flair. We offer you a wide range of life-changing services that can boost anyone’s self-esteem and make the person find his/her true style potential.

With our Gift Cards you will be able to let the other choose among all of our amazing products and services. If the person desires to make their style evolve and enhance their image, we advise him/her to select a service like image consulting, personal shopping, grooming or wardrobe consulting.

On the other hand, if the person that is going to receive the gift feels like getting some sophisticated and well-fitting clothing items, we sell high-quality products such as ties, custom-tailored suits, shirts, pants or jackets.

In addition, we assure you that one’s image is not completely polished up if someone does not take care of their skin to be juvenile and brilliant. That being the reality, get a variety of excellent skincare products, like face masks and sunscreen, that will make the other person’s skin glow and be protected.

All of these are our main recommendations for you to give as a worthwhile and purposeful present some fashion, elegance and confidence these winter Holidays. You will not fail to add joy and style to the other person’s life by trusting Style Konsult and its image consultant and founder, Jen Auh’s skills, which will upgrade your beloved person’s image.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will be the one in charge of turning the Gift Card idea into a useful, effective and fun service for the person you want to gift style to. Jen will listen to your relative or friend so that he/she expresses his/her styling aspirations and concerns. One she understands the client, she will design a personal plan to revamp the person’s image, make his/her outfits more stylish and teach him/her how to have healthier lifestyle routines.

You can purchase one or various services that will surely improve your loved ones’ style and make them feel incredible in their skin. From personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will work hard to create the ideal outfits for their winter looks and to bring some tasteful style to their lives. Moreover, consider gifting our Gift Card so your dear person can select which product or service he/she prefers.

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