Advantages of Personal Shopping with a Stylist for the Holidays

Winter wardrobe for the Holidays

The whole Holiday season gives us a special reason to dress in a festive and sophisticated way. It is the time of the year when we most excitedly wish for everything to be perfect, including our looks. Sometimes, we develop a sense for our daily fashion, but are not sure of what to wear for the festivities, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That is why a personal shopper/image consultant is the perfect professional to advise you on how to dress for the Holiday season. The experience and skills of a personal shopper will make you realize which style suits you best and will make you embrace all of your potential.

Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, is specialized in personal shopping. Jen dedicates a few sessions to get to know her clients’ styling concerns and aspirations, as well as their body proportions and personal style. From that stage, she works hard to create the perfect outfits for each client and to enhance their overall image. Keep reading the article to understand why you should schedule your personal shopping service with Style Konsult today and to find out the advantages of personal shopping with a stylist for the Holidays.


The personal shopping service has become an interesting alternative for clients that are interested in improving their style and boosting their confidence by wearing stunning outfits for every occasion. It is more in demand during the Holiday season because everyone wishes to look flawless for the festive celebrations, parties and gatherings.

It is convenient to save time and energy when shopping for some elegant tailor-made clothes and suits that will suit you perfectly. Moreover, the personal shopper can assist you when buying the presents for your loved ones. Trust the professionals and get wise advice from your SK image consultant and personal shopper. We assure you that you will be very glad of having gone through a styling process in order to dress to be fashionable these Holidays. Be a gentleman for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!


1. Save time

Not only does it save you the time it takes to go to the mall and look for the clothing items, but personal shopping can make it easier for you to find the right ones. Through personalized advice, and with just some professional information to get an idea of ​​what you are looking for, the personal shopper will quickly help you find your ideal Holiday outfits.

2. Save money

When we go out to buy we tend to deviate and choose “extra” products that are out of our budget and that we will not wear much. However, a personal shopper will make it easier for you to stay within your initial budget and fashion scope. You can even save, since their knowledge makes them find the best deals for you.

3. Delivery included

Do not worry about finding someone to deliver your products for you. Style Konsult will make sure to offer you an integrated home delivery service, so you will not have to do that separately. Some products will even get delivered to you in a matter of hours. Personal shopping is all about comfort and efficiency.

4. Reduce stress

It can get stressful to shop for the Holiday season, since our expectations and requirements are pretty high. Therefore, a personal shopper will make you feel more relieved when seeking for your clothes and the gifts you will give to your dear ones. Seasonal shopping will no longer be a dilemma or headache anymore. Save time and assign specific purchases to a skillful and talented personal shopper.


Style Konsult is an image consulting agency that provides a great personal shopping service to men.  We offer a personalized and detailed service that will adapt to every client’s ambitions and needs. SK thinks of fashion as a way to express ourselves and to make a good impact on others, so we take it very seriously. If you wish to improve your image, Style Konsult will be of much help to make it come true.

Style Konsult image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will show you the right fashion direction to look both chic and comfortable in your festive outfits. Also, consider building your Christmassy looks by ordering custom-tailoring clothing at Style Konsult. Like that, you will dress with well-fitting and high-quality clothes to impress your family and friends.

Style Konsult offers you many styling and image consulting services that you can book to enhance your looks and be dashing for your Holidays celebrations. Schedule your image consultation, personal shopping service, grooming or wardrobe consultation to improve your style with the advice of a professional image consultant and personal shopper.

Give Style Konsult’s Gift Card as a Holidays present to a loved one so their style becomes as polished as yours. They will be able to choose among our wide range of services and products, such as custom-tailored clothes. You all will shine like the Christmas lights!

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