5 Accessories to Look Attractive on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

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Accessories are a great complement to show men’s personal style and upgrade their look. People find men who pay attention to details more attractive especially on significant times like Valentine’s Day. Following accessories will make you look sophisticated gentleman on Valentine’s Day and impress your date.



A watch is an essential accessory for men. The right watch elevates the entire look. Wear a black leather band with a simple red watch face celebrating V-day with your date. The subtle way of adding red color to your elegant and classic wardrobe will definitely catch your date’s attention.

Men's watch for Valentine's Day

Buy this watch from IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN. Image from MrPorter.

Patterned socks

On a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, wear fun patterned socks adding accents to your outfit. It adds a personal touch to the look and highlights your style. Wear a navy turtleneck and black wool trousers or colorful jumper and medium wash denim. Complete the look with a black Chelsea boots. Showing the fun pattern socks on the top of the boots will be a delightful surprise for your date.

Patterned socks

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Show off your personal taste by simply wearing a red silk scarf. It will add elegance and sophistication to your romantic date. Match with your dark suit as well as dark top with dark denim. Scarves are versatile pieces that can be worn with formal and casual wear.

Red scarf

Buy this burgundy scarf from Sulka. Image from MrPorter.


Wearing a high-quality belt shows that you care about the detail and make an effort to complete your outfit. Select a belt in a color like red to build a unique and sophisticated look for Valentine’s Day.

Red belt

Buy this leather belt from Anderson. Image from MrPorter.


Accessorizing an outfit correctly can make even the most basic set of white t-shirt and jeans look like a personalized look. Bracelets are a fashionable accessory that can give a more elegant touch to men’s outfits. Braided leather bracelets are perfect pieces for effortless style. Layer a few of your favorite bracelets with your watch or wear them alone.


Buy this leather bracelet from LUIS MORAIS. Image from MrPorter.

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