A Guide To Good Hygiene Habits for Men

Good Hygiene

No one likes to hear this but since we have your back, we will be the first to tell you. If you subtly notice people leaning away, taking a few steps back, or cutting the conversation short, these are signs that you probably have some sort of bad odor.

Sometimes we don’t even notice that our scent can be overpowering. It can be a turn-off towards other people but rest assured. There are ways to fix this, let’s begin!


Aside from the given, of course, good hygiene begins with routine showers. A proper shower is going to wash away any scent and smell left on your body. Even after a shower, some of us do not carry a neutral body odor. You can have a great body scent by adding a bath and shower oil into your routine.

Apply the oil after the shower on wet skin. It adds an extra layer of hydration on your skin as well as a nice subtle scent. Let the product absorb as your body is air drying. Follow up by applying a light scent/unscented body lotion.

Using a bath and shower oil will definitely make you smell and feel good without making yourself or others around you sneeze.
If that did not solve the problem, the next thing you could have a look at is your clothes. It is common that people tend to re-wear items throughout the week.

Recycling their favorite pair of pants, t-shirt, or outerwear for multiple looks. If the smell is not directly coming from your body it can be the smell lingering from your clothes.


Another way to have good hygiene habits is by finding your personal scent. A smell that people can identify you with when you walk into a room. Finding your “go-to” cologne can increase recognition with scenery details.

Build a habit of always smelling good and people will notice, especially the ladies. Try a woody scent-based cologne as a starter until you find the best scent for you.

It will give you a calm and sensual scent for any occasion. The same scent smells different depending on the wearer because everyone has a different natural body scent. Mixing it with the cologne makes a unique scent for individuals.


As humans, two things we commonly do every day is eating and talking. Sometimes, those two components together do not mix well and create bad breath. We all should be proactive at a good oral hygiene routine to better ourselves and others around us.

Aside from things we do daily if you have not tried brushing your tongue, that is a highly recommended additional step to achieve good breath. Another good idea is keeping gum and mints as well as a mouthwash in your work bag to clean your palate after a meal.

If you think you have a good oral hygiene routine but your breath is still not at its best, consider watching what you eat. What you are feeding your body will influence what is coming out. At the end of the day, good hygiene will prevent bacteria and illnesses and improve your health as well as others around you.

Do you have tips for improving personal hygiene? Let us know in the comments below!

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