3 Tips To Ensure You Look Good For a Video Call

Look Good For a Video Call

Living through COVID-19 is going to be the new normal because we are all uncertain how long this pandemic is going to last. With that being said, we are going to have to adjust how we perform everyday tasks such as company meetings and job interviews. To ensure team members are following health guidelines, expect less people in office and more people working from home. Keep reading for tips on how to look good for a video call. Let’s begin!

Dress For The Part

Even though meetings will be at the comfort of your own home, you should still look presentable as if this meeting was conducted in a company office. To look prepared and put together rather than just rolling out of bed, wear a button up or collared shirt. Since the top portion of your body will be the only part that is visible, the bottom half can be anything you feel comfortable in.

Be mindful of colors, go for neutral colors that are easy on the eyes. Beyond attire, you should follow the same grooming regimen as you would if you were in office. For example, if you usually have a clean shaved face in person, you should maintain that look during the virtual call. The focus is to keep everything neat.

Clear Your Surroundings

We all have different living situations and that means not everyone has the luxury of an in-home office. Even with limited space there are ways to look good on a video call and not have a distracting background. Refrain from having background noise or visible clutter shown through the camera.

Tidy up your space such as making your bed if that will be shown in the frame. If possible, set yourself up in front of a blank wall. You don’t want to expose too much of your personal space or potentially show someone you are a messy person. Show that you are working in a bright environment that is well put together.

Virtual Call Setup

Some final tips before you begin your video call. There is no need to worry about the quality of your video camera. The one provided through your laptop will work just fine. The angle you should be presented at eye level.

If you need to, place your laptop on top of stacked books for better height. This will avoid you looking down creating a double chin affect. It should look as if you were talking to the person face to face. Focus your energy on looking at the camera when speaking instead of looking at yourself. Lighting is also important so be sure to be in front of a large window or a desk lamp.

After running a partially remote business and conducting virtual interviews, I have gained a few tips and tricks I wanted to share with you all. I hope this was able to help you towards any upcoming video calls. Come back next week for a brand new topic and more things to learn about!

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